More Kind Notes

"I am very pleased with the design, advice, workmanship and follow up on details. They did such a great job of helping us figure out how to add storage, but without sacrificing aesthetics, and keeping in the general style of our space. And of course the materials and workmanship are all exceptional.


 I was very happy with the commitment from Southern Evergreen to make things right when the work or materials weren’t exactly as planned, as well as their ability to offer suggestions for improvement.  I never felt like I had to “fight” to get the right materials or proper work done. 


I don’t think people realize that custom work is often not much, if any more expensive than buying materials and install through a home center like Lowes or Home Depot, but the quality in design & materials definitely shows.  When I’m ready for the master bedroom/bath work, I’ll be giving Southern Evergreen a call!"


- Sheryl France, homeowner


“Our new mother-in-law suite is both functional and beautiful. Southern Evergreen thought of every detail an aging parent might require, and then they designed it so well we all want to live there!”


- Liz Nelson, homeowner


 “The Cedar Street Historic Renovation Project is much better than we anticipated it would be. Southern Evergreen took personal pride in it.”


- Mahlon Honeycutt, homeowner

"The guys are really keeping the site orderly and clean, which we appreciate with Hazel running around. We’re all communicating well and making adjustments as needed, and Dan has been extremely versatile and accommodating during the process.


The overall feel is dramatically lighter and open, and we now have long diagonal views across the house from multiple angles. The floors came out awesome and appear completely seamless throughout the space. All of the stone work is gorgeous, and it all really blended together when the cabinetry and floors were finished.


Overall, the space looks and feels like something you’d see in a magazine. It feels like a new house, and the changes will greatly enhance our time there with our family and friends.”


- Jeff and Linda Ritter, homeowners


“I believe that your supervision of the house through the process, the staging that you recommended and managed, your excellent ongoing communication and the supervision of all the closing activities was very professional. Having Southern Evergreen there to make the repairs required at the end also gave us a lot of confidence. We felt in excellent hands!!”


- Bob and Beth Mulligan, homeowners


"I went with the low bidder and ended up being “nickel-and-dimmed” to death. My renovation cost more than what Southern Evergreen proposed. I had to sacrifice some design elements I wanted because the other builder made several mistakes.”


- Marie Johnson, homeowner

“Thanks for providing superior services and quality workmanship. Everyone with Southern Evergreen has been a genuine pleasure to work with, and we think of all of you as personal friends.”


- Rick and Margarete Luebke, homeowner


 “Being in the industry (building material supply) like I am, I had high expectations. Southern Evergreen definitely exceeded our expectations.”


- John Redmond, homeowner


“My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Southern Evergreen on the design and construction of an addition to our house. They came up with some very creative ideas and suggested ways we could augment our design. The end result was an outstanding structure we enjoy to this day. I highly recommend Southern Evergreen."


- Aggie and John Schner, homeowner


“Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and personal attention!”


- Martha Jo and Rodney Denton, homeowners


“It’s exactly what we were looking for – and then some. We would never in a million years come up with some of the ideas that you did.”


- Wendy Redmond, homeowner