At Southern Evergreen, our goal is to make your home creation experience enjoyable while achieving superior quality in all aspects of design and construction. Starting from a blank slate to move-in may seem overwhelming but our process, team, and experience make it easy.


Lot analysis and preliminary site planning:

Combining information from surveys, topography, Google Earth, and site meetings we analyze the lot or land to help deliver what you want to achieve.

Why did you buy the lot? What do you want to achieve with your home and outdoor living? What do we need to design around (neighbors, land features, etc.)?


Conceptual design:

Starting with the information gained from our questionnaires, site analysis, and notebooks, we begin the concept creation with an in person or web based design charrette. We work as a team to assist you in creating a custom design to match your lifestyle and budget.

Plan Development:

This multi-step process includes concept enhancement, budgeting, preliminary selections, drafting, and specification development. For those clients who prefer to use existing plans, we can provide Southern Living Plans and have “smart sized” plans for those wanting a smaller scale home.


Preparation for construction start:

Plans, specifications, and budget approvals. Site meeting with house layout details. 



The build begins with a client kickoff meeting where final project scheduling is developed and communicated. Our customer advocate assists with all selections, allowance budgeting, and quality control of the finish vendors. Our implementation procedures include daily on-site management, weekly updates, progress photos, direct involvement from the builder, onsite meetings with our senior team, and internal quality control procedures to assure your home exceeds your expectations.


Post construction services and warranty:

Our post construction and warranty are simple but thorough.  Our procedures begin with a home orientation where we go through your home in detail to make sure all systems and features are understood. A ‘completion list’ is developed in this meeting to detail any remaining work. Once you move in, we give you ample time (60 days) to find all small concerns with our ‘two-month punch-list’. Once the home is punch-list free, we will still have a staff member ready to address any functional issues that occur. Before the end of the warranty period, we return to inspect and repair any issues that occurred due to materials or workmanship.


Lifelong service commitment:

Our Southern Evergreen team is available to help you maintain, watch, and update your home over the entire time that you enjoy your home.  Our team of professionals can help you maintain your home to maximize enjoyment while minimizing hassle!